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TG The Gym (Mesa) is a gym in Mesa, AZ. We offer specialized training for all your fitness needs, including toning of the body, weight loss, and muscle gain. We welcome all fitness levels, and we follow a hands-on approach, ensuring that our clients know that they always have our full support. No matter your level, goals, or body type, our training programs will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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We tailor our services to each individual at our physical fitness center, ensuring that their personalized fitness plans help them achieve their desired body transformation and lead healthy lifestyles. Our team is heavily involved in our community and is closely connected with local public services, outreach programs, and other local businesses. Our culture isn’t that of these corporate gyms. When you walk in the door, you’re here to work, sweat, and burn. At TG The Gym (Mesa), great shape is an authentic passion, and we don’t back down from the challenge of pushing our bodies to levels that constantly challenge our limits. So if you have been struggling with your fitness, you no longer need to worry—contact us at TG The Gym (Mesa) today!

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  • 35 Years in Business
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  • Mesa, AZ